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Bite Club - Episode 97 - 2 episode True Blood recap!

'I'm Alive and on Fire' and 'Me and the Devil': In a double True Blood recap, Eric and Sookie finally hook up, Tommy experience a pivotal life-changing loss, Jason bonds to Jessica (and Hoyt), and Pam isn't having luck getting her decaying face back to normal with Marnie, the possessed witch.

Take a listen:

>> Download Episode 97 (right- or ctrl-click and select 'Save as...')

1:07 - Wine of the Week
Shannon -Folie a Deux 2008 Zinfandel - $18
Eileen -2008 ilCavaliere - Ruché Di Castagnole Monferrato - Italy "Red Wine"., $4.99 at Spencer & Daniel's, SF

6:10 - True Blood recap, Season 4, Episode 4, "I'm Alive and on Fire"

25:35 - True Blood recap, Season 4, Episode 5, "Me and the Devil"

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Comic-Con Recap! 

Hey guys, Stephanie here! I joined Eileen, Shannon, and Lynn on Thursday night. We had great luck in making it into many of the panels The BiteClub Show covers, like Twilight, True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, and more! 

For the panels I was able to join, I took some notes. Stay tuned for our next episode to be recorded this week for the full rundown of juicy Comic-Con news!

Here's a snippet of my blog: 

  • The Walking Dead: Holy crap, season 2 is going to be amazing. You can tell from this amazing trailer. The story is going to pick up right where we left off in season 1 — no breaks in time. The trailer has fantastic visuals, scary zombies, and a killer song. I really must buy it as soon as I figure out who the artist is. 
  • True Blood: This show was the whole reason the ladies and I sat in Ballroom 20 the entire day, surviving on cashews, beef jerky, and cheetos. The stars strolled out one by one all looking as good (or better) than they do on TV.

    First of all, you need to watch this True Blood trailer for the rest of Season 4. Anyone interested in where the story will go since Jessica and Jason are now bonded a bit by blood? 

    Best chemistry goes to Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam) and Alexander Skarsgård (Eric). We find out that in Season 5, we will dive into the history of how Eric came to make Pam. With cute “who’s your daddy” and “that’s my baby” banter, these two were definitely the liveliest of the panel.

    Most informative was of course, Alan Ball. It was apparent that the actors seemed afraid to give anything away, so most questions were deferred to Alan. The only new info worth mentioning was that we may not have seen the last of Sookie’s fairy godmother, Claudine. He said, “If you follow Faery history, you know that they are born in litters… and they are identical”. Along the same lines, in Season 5 we may see a Hooligan’s under a different business name. Does that mean we’ll see Claude, Claudine’s stripper faery brother? 

Read the full blog here!


True Blood Season 4 Comic-Con trailer!


Bite Club - Episode 94 - True Blood "You Smell Like Dinner" recap

Everything we love about True Blood is back! The witches finally wipe Eric's mind, Bill is King, Jessica is a cheatin' baby vamp, and Jason is attacked by panthers! Plus, hear hot news on Kristen Stewart's new movie roles and tons of San Diego Comic-Con goodness.

Take a listen:

>> Download Episode 94 (right- or ctrl-click and select 'Save as...')

Click to read more ...


Bite Club - Episode 93 - True Blood S4 "She's Not There" recap!

We're back with the long awaited True Blood season 4 premiere recap and reactions! Peek into Faery Land to see how much changes in the 1 year Sookie was missing. Get re-aquainted with all your favorite characters, including Sam and his shifter friends, Lafayette and the witch coven, Bill the King, and the couples in trouble: Jessica and Hoyt, and Arlene and Terry..

Take a listen:

>> Download Episode 93 (right- or ctrl-click and select 'Save as...')

1:30 - Wine of the Week
Stephanie - Cotes du Rhone - $16
Eileen - Cline Syrah

7:35 - News
Jessica's Baby Vamp blog is back!

38:26 - True Blood recap, Season 4, episode 1, "She's Not There"

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