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Wine, Women, and Fangs!

Welcome to Bite Club Show, where we talk all things that bite: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead & more!



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Bite Club – Wine, Women and Fangs: The Twilight, True Blood and all things Vampires podcast!

We love Twilight, True Blood and all things Vampires! Although, we’re newbies to some of the shows, we’re just as obsessed as everyone else. Join our journey discovering the stories that tell the tale of the undead.

Your Hosts

Lynn Fu is a transplant from Queens, NY, residing in San Francisco, CA for over 8 years now. Surprisingly, she doesn’t miss NYC much except for her friends, variety of cuisines, tall buildings, and no sales tax on clothing and shoes under $110. She brings home the bacon from her job at an internet media company, managing productions for broadband videos, behind-the-scenes stuff. She has dreams of working for shows about traveling, exploring other cultures and foods like Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and The Amazing Race. For fun and leisure, Lynn likes to go to comedy clubs, find after-work happy hour drink and food specials, watch baseball and football games. BTW, she graduated from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Go blue!

How did this start? Only in recent months, Lynn became curious about vampires and their special abilities. She prefers the “vegetarian” vampires and those who want to coexist peacefully with humans. And her most favorite part is the love story between the main characters in both Twilight and True Blood. Though fictional shows, we can all relate to it somewhat in real life. Oh yes, she’s addicted, fascinated and obsessed! 


Eileen Rivera is a California girl and has never left (born in Los Angeles and now living in the Bay Area). She loves to travel, (one of her favorite cities is Vancouver — a trip to find the set of Eclipse anyone? ha!), eat lots of chocolate, play with her dog Jango, devour all genres of movies, and spend time with her husband. She’s also a self-proclaimed internet addict, which is handy when working at a cutting-edge Internet video company. Pretty normal right?

By day she works for an internet company producing a show on how to get free drinks by doing magic tricks in bars as well as a show reviewing the hottest viral videos on the Internet. She has *some* vampire cred, having line produced the History Channel show “Vampire Secrets”. She got into Twilight while bored on a Jet Blue flight from Austin. When her husband forced a used Kindle on her, she started reading the books and hasn’t stopped since, even re-reading them. She’s also been sucked into True Blood, and recently, become a full-blooded supporter of the Vampire Diaries. While drinking wine at the Buzz Out Loud 1000th episode celebration, she got to talking about Twilight with Lynn and a crowd formed. Thus the podcast idea was born.


Stephanie Chu could never be far from the Pacific Ocean. She hails from Vallejo, got through college in San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly!), and now resides in San Francisco. If she's on vacation, it's likely in Hawaii.

On a normal day, you'll find her commuting with a Macbook Pro on her back with the latest iPhone in hand from her day job, where she designs for an Internet television company (Revision3). As a fan of technology and gadgets in general, she also spends time writing and hosting mobile app reviews on AppJudgment whenever Eileen wants her to.

Other interests include food (she'll eat mostly anything, but loves sushi best), rocking' out (concerts at least 3 times a month), and of course, fine wine. Ok, it doesn't have to be fine -- she has no problem with "2 Buck Chuck"!

Growing up with a brother who loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a friend who loved all-things-Anne Rice, and having a sister with a healthy obsession with Stephenie Meyer stories… Stephanie was molded into a candidate for Bite Club. After getting riled up over the Vampire Diaries, True Blood and the Twilight movies/books, she came on board to join Eileen and Lynn to give vampires a closer look.


Shannon Morse is an army brat who has lived all over the USA, now in San Francisco. She graduated fromMissouri State University in 2008 with a major in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration.

After working at several Domino's Pizza franchises, Shannon landed her job with Hak5, a podcast on the Revision3 network, and has been producing and hosting the show for a few years. Being an all around geek is finally paying off! When not geeking out with work, Shannon enjoys video games, manga, anime, traveling (to at least one new place per year!), building computers, and spending time with her family and friends.

Shannon got into the vampire obsession back in middle school, after being introduced to Anne Rice by a close friend. The fascination of the genre grew much worse when Twilight hit the scenes. Then True Blood and the Vampire Diaries came along and it was pretty much a done deal. Eileen and Shannon geeked out one day about vampires and after that they let her guest host a few of the episodes. Shannon is happy to be a part of the cast of The Bite Club Show with her friends on the west coast!


Behind the Board

Bite Club’s producer Josh Lawrence, a Texas transplant to San Francisco, was part of the crowd around Eileen and Lynn at the Buzz Out Loud 100oth episode celebration, witnessing their excitement, and thinking, “Hmm, this could be a podcast….”.   His concentration in vampiric lore resides in his everlasting love for the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, but he’s catching up on this other stuff. As well as Bite Club, he also produces the Two Song Shot – a weekly helping of little-known music of various genres as well as songs listeners have requested to have made for them!