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Bite Club - Episode 57

True Blood: Night on the Sun Recap = Vampire Relationship Meltdowns! Plus: Vampire Nation Sweeps the Teen Choice Awards and Guest Host, The Televixen!

Take a listen:

>> Download Episode 57 (right- or ctrl-click and select 'Save as...')

Special Guest Hosto Melissa aka The Televixen - twitter: @thetelevixen

3:12 - Wine of the Week

Eileen - Chook Shed - Rosedale Wines Barossa Shiraz - 3 1/2 fangs

8:45 - News

Teen Wolf? Yes, Teen Wolf. And it'll be better than you think

Twilight News
- Breaking Dawn Part 2 release date set
- Eclipse is at $666M worldwide, $293M domestic, should beat New Moon this week
- Teen Choice Awards
- Twilight award list

Vampire Diaries News
- 7 TCA awards
- Pics of Nina, Paul and Ian from TCA

True Blood News
- Alan Ball will stay with True Blood even if his pilot gets picked up

26:10 - Recap of True Blood Season 3 Ep 8 - "Night on the Sun"

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Reader Comments (4)

A WHOLE YEAR BETWEEN BREAKING DAWN PART 1 AND PART 2 IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. I am so angry I have to wait a whole year to watch the rest of a film. UGGGGHHH.

August 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEm

Love the podcast and the TB recaps!


Really? How can you not trust Jesus? His name is Jesus! Plus, there's the whole sense of calm he brings when he's around Lafayette. He also has an infinite amount of patience with Ruby Jean, and she trusts him. They relate much differently than Lettie Mae and Mary Ann did (if we're looking at foil characters and similar storylines here).

Plus, Jesus's knowledge of non-christian gods and saints does not make him evil or untrustworthy. Tonantzin is an Aztec deity. During the colonization of Mexico by Spain, the Aztecs polytheistic religion merged with Catholocism (which has the trinity, the holy mother, and a multitude of saints - similar to the Aztec's belief systerm). Ergo, Tonantzin merged into the Catholic concept of Mary and she became Tonantzin Guadalupe or Our Lady of Guadalupe and is considered an incarnation of Jesus Christ's mother (which is pretty interesting since, when Jesus notices her, he says "That's my girl.")

The other deities Jesus noticed belong to the Yoruba (voodoo is a pejorative term) religion, which has many variations and sects (like Christianity) and has Carribbean and African roots. Knowing about these things doesn't make Jesus evil, just intelligent and well rounded.

It makes me very curious as to why you all might find him threatening. I find him absolutely fascinating and a welcome addition to the show.

Keep up the good work!! :)

August 10, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermonapily

I love that we get Twilight for longer but I'm going to DIE waiting for Breaking Dawn lol ...
And why is Vampire Diaries the hot cast ? I'm sorry their not hot but that's just me. I like guys with some kind of imperfection or nerdy.
And it's sad that you guys are so bias on this show but you know what I'm going to keep listening because I love you guys.
If not at least bring in some new things to mix things up because those True blood and Vampire Diaries summaries are way too long. Maybe try fan of the week or more interviews with fans and others.
Sorry for my rambling I just thought maybe if there was a mix of things you could get everything in and give each fan get's their fix of what they want. Because not all fans are fans of all of these and it's kind of unfair to just have an hour of True Blood. I know it's your show but as a fan it's just the way I feel.
Thanks girls for at least reading this.

August 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKass

Not be be mean, but this show is dedicated to Vampires and such. True Blood is pretty much the only vampire thing while everything is on hiatus.

And really, bias? Please use common sense next time when posting :)

August 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEm

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